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Australia Heirloom Timber provides custom unique quality timber slab furniture in Sydney. Australian Heirloom Timber is vertically integrated from selective logging to manufacture. This gives Australian Heirloom Timber total control of production and cost savings which are then passed onto the client. AHT is an industry leader in crafting amazing slab pieces which reflect the beauty of the wood used. We work hard to provide our customers with inspiring natural timber slab furniture pieces. All craftsmanship is of excellent quality.

To become an industry leader in creating timeless and classic timber slab furniture in Sydney, we have developed a stringent and environmentally sound method. We use Australian mid north coast hardwoods which are renowned for their strength, beauty and durability. As skilled craftsman, we respect the trees that enable us to create amazing timber slab products. AHT follows the property vegetation plans to employ environmentally sound logging methods.

For custom timber slabs, slab products created in Sydney, we first custom select a tree to be prepared, using a rigorous process. From felling a tree, removing the bark, slabbing the tree where it falls, seasoning the timber, then kiln drying. Once complete we select a slab perfect for your requirements ensuring, you a unique professionally made masterpiece of slab furniture.

The result is a smooth oiled piece of natural timber in a finish that will amaze and delight. This process also ensures the natural beauty of the wood is preserved, and the essence of the piece remains.

We focus on creating inspiring pieces of slab furniture and products. When it comes to indoor or outdoor custom slab furniture in Sydney, only the highest of standard is provided. AHT can supply your entire home or commercial fit out needs. For example:

  • Specialists in Solid Single Slab Tables (Large and Thick)
  • Solid Slab Tables
  • Solid Slab Coffee Tables
  • Solid Slab Dining Tables
  • Solid Slab Boardroom Tables
  • Solid Slab Benches
  • Solid slab kitchen bench tops
  • Solid round back bench seats
  • Solid Slab Desks
  • Solid Slab Doors
  • Solid Slab Restaurant Tables
  • Solid Slab Bar Tables
  • Posts custom
  • Beams custom
  • Custom cutting of timber to suit specific requirements
  • Commercial and Home Fit Outs
  •  Any custom piece you want to create
  • Price guarantee all prices beaten

Comissioning a custom made slab furniture piece from AHT is a great way to begin loving your space, whether the piece is for your office, living room, or perhaps an outdoor area. Don’t change your house to fit your furniture, instead, let us create a custom piece for you that will fit your requirements and bring amazing beauty to your space.

If you have an idea about a custom piece of slab furniture you want designed, let us assist you in the design of it. We have vast experience in creating endearing and inspiring custom, timber slab furniture in Sydney. So if you want an individual piece, but are not quite sure about where to start, don’t hesitate to ask us for help. At AHT we are experts in our field, and will be happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you.

Creating beautiful and classic timber slab furniture is a passion of ours. Please contact Ian to begin the design process with you, to create a beautifully made piece that you, your colleagues and your family will love for generations.