Australian Heirloom Timber is a family owned vertically intergrated business; from sustainable forestry to selective logging and milling all the way to the creation of quality solid timber tables, kitchen bench tops , solid slab tables/benches and counter tops, custom joinery, furniture.

Our beautifully crafted high quality furniture is the result of Ian’s experience, expertise and passion. Each piece we create reflects the love we have for our craft, the high quality timber we use and the techniques we have perfected over the decades.

We offer expert advice and custom designs to produce single slab tables or any other piece of furniture that will be a part of your family for generations to come. We can customize our designs to fit your exact specifications and requests. We don’t just make furniture, we design and create cherished heirlooms that you can proudly pass on future generations.

Here at Australian Heirloom Timber our number one priority is our customers. Our promise to you is to be up front and honest, especially in relation to works progress, payment terms and delivery schedules. We provide personalized service, which ensures our customers are updated every step of the way.

The environment is extremely important to us. We strive to keep the forests healthy. Our license adheres to the Nature Vegetation Act 2003.

We practice selective logging, along with seed germination and the planting of new trees. We also keep our fuel consumption at a minimum. At Australian Heirloom Timber we are true believers in increasing the number of trees in the forests of Australia, while enjoying the experience of having the unique and timeless beauty of natural timber furniture in our homes and places of business.

Our founder Ian Evans is an extremely talented and skilled craftsman. He holds an Australian license in joinery and carpentry and has over 30 years experience within the timber manufacturing trade. His passion and skills are evident in the methods he uses, from sourcing the quality timber for the design to the creation of beautifully crafted natural timber tables with flawless joinery. So when you provide us with the privilege of creating the newest addition to your family, you will not be disappointed.

Ian Evans
timber slab table